This is a set of tools to help connect and manage interactions with various WSO2 products. Please see README.MD for more details.

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WSO2 Services Wrapper #
This package provides access to the WSO2 platform via the various exposed apis.

What is this repository for? ###

  • This repository provides quick access to WSO2 services
  • Version 0.0.20
  • https://docs.wso2.com/display/EI611/BPMN+REST+API
  • https://www.activiti.org/userguide/index.html#restapi

How do I get set up? ###

  • npm insall --save @daedalus/wso2
  • create a reference to the resource you want (using BPS as an example)
``` const bps = require("@daedalus/wso2").bps; ```
  • create a reference to the methods you want to use
``` const Task = bps.methods.Task; ```
  • each method is expecting a data object with the following structure
``` let data = { server: {
url: "https://<HOSTNAME>:<PORT>/"
}, auth: {
username: "admin",
password: "admin"
} }; ```
  • make a call to the methods you wish to use
``` let taskId = "106"; let data = ; Task.variables(taskId, data, (err, res) => { if(err) console.log(err); else console.log(res); }); ```
  • Please see the wiki for all the specific structures for the different methods