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Dual Delivery Application
GitLab Repository | npmjs package | Unpkg CDN | Dual Delivery Bundle


Local development

# get the source
git clone git@gitlab.tugraz.at:dbp/topics/dualdelivery.git
cd dualdelivery
git submodule update --init

# install dependencies
yarn install

# constantly build dist/bundle.js and run a local web-server on port 8001 
yarn run watch

# run tests
yarn test

Jump to and you should get a Single Sign On login page.
To use the Nextcloud functionality you need a running Nextcloud server with the webapppassword Nextcloud app like this Nextcloud Development Environment.

Using this app as pre-built package

Install app

If you want to install the DBP Dualdelivery App in a new folder dualdelivery-app with a path prefix / you can call:
npx @digital-blueprint/cli install-app dualdelivery dualdelivery-app /

Afterwards you can point your Apache web-server to dualdelivery-app/public.
Make sure you are allowing .htaccess files in your Apache configuration.
Also make sure to add all of your resources you are using (like your API and Keycloak servers) to the Content-Security-Policy in your dualdelivery-app/public/.htaccess, so the browser allows access to those sites.
You can also use this app directly from the Unpkg CDN for example like this: dbp-dualdelivery/index.html
Note that you will need a Keycloak server along with a client id for the domain you are running this html on.

Update app

If you want to update the DBP Dualdelivery App in the current folder you can call:
npx @digital-blueprint/cli update-app dualdelivery

Using a single activity as pre-built package

You can also use a single activity directly from the Unpkg CDN for example the dbp-qualified-dualdelivery-pdf-upload activity to qualifiedly sign PDF documents like this: dbp-qualified-dualdelivery-pdf-upload/index.html
Note that you will need a Keycloak server along with a client id for the domain you are running this html on.

Exposed CSS variables

  • --dbp-override-image-nextcloud is used to override the cloud image on the connection screen of the Nextcloud file picker
- example CSS: `html { --dbp-override-image-nextcloud: url(/icons/nextcloud.svg); }`

"dbp-dualdelivery" Slots

These are common slots for the appshell. You can find the documentation of these slot in the README.md of the appshell webcomponent.

Design Note

To ensure a uniform and responsive design the activity should occupy 100% of the window width when the activity width is less than 768 px.

Mandatory attributes

If you are not using the provider-root attribute to "terminate" all provider attributes you need to manually add these attributes so that the topic will work properly: