Decentraland JS Portable Interface

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Contains the environment type definitions for the exposed functions in the scenes. For that reason, this repository may be the most important part of the Decentraland's JS SDK.

Why is it important?

To ensure backwards compatibility: according to its vision, Decentraland is a project that should be designed to last forever. That may be very difficult or even impractical, with this interface, we can ensure that every piece of JS code runs in a backwards compatible enviroment.
To enable multiple runtimes: keeping the interface simple, help the developers to implement new runtimes without being tied to platform specific APIs, i.e: IndexedDB, localStorage, or the process variable in NodeJS. As an example, the runtime does not expose setTimeout which is not a standard API.


This repository is append only, more specifically, nothing can be changed or removed once a type declaration gets released with a version tag (excluding the @next releases).
That makes this project almost static, because every addition is a maintainability compromise that will last forever.
For exceptional cases, like API additions, it should be a very thoughtful process for the reasons mentioned above, and the proposed mechanism is to first draft the full scope of the solution in a PR explaining the reasons and evaluating other options.
The most common and least "dangerous" addition to this repository are events from the Renderer or the Runtime (see IEvents).
Please follow the naming convention for events, it was decided to not use the on prefix on events since it is redundant and confusing with observables and event emiters: events.on("eventName") is better than events.on("onEventName").
Also notice that enum are not allowed in ambient declarations, since enums are also values in Typescript. Use union types instead.