Real time count chart

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Real Time Count Chart
A plot of ingresses and egresses over time. npm
Here's what it looks like.
Using this chart
This chart has a single default export. This exported function takes two arguments: a dom element, and an object full of properties. When called, this chart will render the chart inside the given DOM element. See the below example.
import realTimeCount from '@density/chart-real-time-count';
// or: const realTimeCount = require('@density/chart-real-time-count').default;

const element = document.getElementById('chart-container');
const props = {events: []};
realTimeCount(element, props);

In addition, if you'd like to render a chart in a context where the DOM is abstracted away from you, such as a React or Angular app, then check out our companion helper library.


  • events: An array of {countChange: <direction of count change>, timestamp: <iso 8601 timestamp, epoch, or moment>} objects.

  • eventMarkerRadius: The event marker radius (the dots on the graph) in px
  • eventMarkerSpacingFromMidLine: Spacing between the event marker and the middle line
  • eventMarkerInfoPopupHeight: Height of the info popup, not including the pointer.
  • eventMarkerInfoPopupWidth: Width of the info popup that shows if more than one event happened.
  • eventMarkerInfoPopupSpacingFromMarker: Spacing between the info popup and the event marker.
  • eventMarkerInfoPopupCaretWidth: Size of the caret on the top or bottom of the info popup.
  • eventMarkerInfoPopupFontSize: FOnt size of the count label inside of the info popup.

    countChange: 1,                    // An ingress was recorded
    timestamp: "2017-05-04T12:51:00Z"  // on May 4th, 2017 at 12:51 UTC.
    countChange: -1,                   // An egress was recorded
    timestamp: "2017-05-04T12:54:00Z"  // on May 4th, 2017 at 12:54 UTC.
How this chart is structured
├── index.js        # Contains main chart code. Other javascript files may be present.
├── package.json
├── story.js        # Contains a react-storyboard story. Use it to present different states of your chart in the parent project.
└── styles.scss     # Contains all chart styles.