Knexjs connector for @desmart/queue

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Knexjs connector for @desmart/queue
npm i @desmart/queue-knex
const { manager, job } = require('@desmart/queue')
const connector = require('@desmart/queue-knex')

const queue = manager(connector({
  knex: knexConnectionInstance
Connector can be configured by passing options object to factory function.
Available options:
  • knex knex connection to db
  • table [jobs] which table should be used to store/retrieve jobs
  • retryAfter [600] number of seconds for which job will be locked
database migration
In migrations/ folder you will find Knex migration file. Import/copy it to you application.
If you're planning to contribute to the package please make sure to adhere to following conventions.

tests & linting

  1. lint your code using standard; run npm run lint to check if there are any linting errors
  2. make sure to write tests for all the changes/bug fixes

testing against selected databases

Default test suite is using SQLite db.
It's possible to run tests against different databases.
This requires installed Docker Native.
To run tests for latest MySQL:
NODE_ENV=mysql .travis/setUp.sh
NODE_ENV=mysql npm test
NODE_ENV=mysql .travis/tearDown.sh

Available databases:
  • mysql latest version of MySQL
  • mysql5 last available version of MySQL 5
  • postgres latest version of Postgres
  • postgres9 last available version of Postgres 9

general practices

We're not looking back! You are encouraged to use all features from ES6.
This package follows functional approach - if possible use pure functions, avoid classes etc.

issues & PR

  1. try to provide regression test when you find a bug
  2. share some context on what you are trying to do, with enough code to reproduce the issue