CLI that encapsulates utilities for image processing and assets in frontend development.

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Devexteam CLI

📦 Install

# Global
npm install -g @devexteam/dvx-cli

# In personal project
## As dev dependency
npm install --save-dev @devexteam/dvx-cli
## As optional dependency
npm install --save-optional @devexteam/dvx-cli

🚀 How to use

Show current version

dvx --version

🔍 Show help

dvx --help

# Expected output:
Devexteam CLI
Recommend usage: dvx <cmd> [args]

  dvx img:minify              Minify images
  dvx img:towebp              Format/Convert images to webp
  dvx img:resize              Resize images to 1024px width
  dvx img:build               Process images (minify, convert to webp and resize).
  dvx html:validate           Validate html files with htmlhint.
                              Read about rules on:
                              - https://github.com/htmlhint/HTMLHint/wiki/Rules
                              - https://htmlhint.com/docs/user-guide/list-rules
  dvx files:clean-sourcemaps  Clean sourcemaps comments (/*# sourceMappingURL=foo.css.map */)
                              in css files that can cause conflicts in compilation or packaging

https://devexteam.com - Copyright 2022


Integration and encapsulation of utilities (sharp, imagemin, htmlhint, ImageMagick, GraphicsMagick) and common use commands in the asset optimization process (images, html for the moment).


  • Use in the root project path
  • Use in a bash/unix console
  • Install ImageMagick
- Has fallback to sharp - Has fallback to sharp

Recommend directory structure

:openfilefolder: project-name/
├─ :openfilefolder: src/
│ ├─ :openfilefolder: assets/
│ │ ├─ :openfilefolder: img/
│ │ │ ├─ :openfilefolder: dist/
│ │ │ ├─ :openfilefolder: src/


Thank you for reading :heart:. The feedback is appreciated. If you liked the project, it has been useful and you want to support the development or you simply want to invite me a coffee, you can do it via paypal with the following link: