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Dimer Config Parser
Parses dimer.json

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This module parses the dimer.json file and returns a normalised config object back.


npm i @dimerapp/config-parser

# yarn
yarn add @dimerapp/config-parser


const ConfigParser = require('@dimerapp/config-parser')
const Context = require('@dimerapp/context')

const ctx = new Context(__dirname)

// masterOptions are optional
const configParser = new ConfigParser(ctx, masterOptions)

Master Options

You can optionally pass masterOptions to the constructor. The masterOptions are merged (with more priority) the compiler options defined inside the config file.

Compiler options

Following options are allowed inside dimer.json config file as compileOptions.

validateDomain (boolean)

Whether or not to validate the domain. default=true

apiUrl? (string)

API url from which the api is served. default=http://localhost:5000. Defining this in options, will override the value explicitly defined in config.

assetsUrl? (string)

The assets url from where the assets will be served. If not defined, it will be created from the apiUrl.


Whether or not to create the search index.


Whether or not to detect assets.



Parse the config file and returns normalised config object.
try {
  const { errors, config } = await configParser.parse()
  if (errors) {
    errors.forEach(({ message, ruleId }) => console.log(message, ruleId))

  // use config
} catch (error) {
  // file is missing or bad JSON


Create a new config file (if missing).
await configParser.init()

// or pass custom config

await configParser.init({
  domain: '',
  versions: {}

Config file sample

  domain: 'adonisjs.dimerapp.com',
  cname?: 'adonisjs.com',
  defaultVersion: 'master',
  versions: {
    master: 'docs/master'
  websiteOptions?: {},
  compilerOptions: {
    apiUrl: 'http://localhost:5000',
    detectAssets: true,
    createSearchIndex: true,
    assetsUrl?: 'http://localhost:5000/__assets',
    validateDomain?: true

Change log

The change log can be found in the CHANGELOG.md file.


Everyone is welcome to contribute. Please take a moment to review the contributing guidelines.

Authors & License

thetutlage and contributors.
MIT License, see the included MIT file.