Context to be passed around dimer low level libraries

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Dimer Context
Runtime context for dimer

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Dimer is a combination of several small modules, joining together to build the final app. Passing user options from top-level to all these libraries can be daunting and hence a context is used to read and write runtime values.
At the lowest level, context starts with the basePath and new values are added, as it is passed through several modules. Also you can debug the actions taken on the context by defining DEBUG environment variable.
DEBUG=dimer:context node yourapp.js


npm i @dimerapp/context

# Yarn
yarn add @dimerapp/context


const Context = require('@dimerapp/context')
const ctx = new Context(__dirname)

// later pass around other libs
const config = new (require('@dimerapp/config-parser'))(ctx)
const store = new (require('@dimerapp/datastore'))(ctx)


The following methods are available to read/write to the context.
constructor(basePath, distPath = 'dist')
const ctx = new Context(__dirname, 'dist')

set(lib, key, value)

The lib option is required for debugging, so that context can log name of the library, which has mutated the state.
ctx.set('config-parser', 'config', value)


Get value for a given key. We recommend you not to mutate the return value and instead transform it.


Remove value for a given key

Change log

The change log can be found in the CHANGELOG.md file.


Everyone is welcome to contribute. Please take a moment to review the contributing guidelines.

Authors & License

thetutlage and contributors.
MIT License, see the included MIT file.