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This is our own take on create-react-app. See features here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hBW0Lc2O4rNzkhfxMyKA4PT6DmN4C-bePMb9KHlXp0g/edit#gid=0


This package and its commands will be installed in your app when doing web-standard react (OUTDATED). This differs from create-react-app in that it does not scaffold the application for you – web standard does that for you.



Starts the dev server. This runs your server on localhost:<port> and the webpack dev server on localhost:<port + 1>.


Builds the production version of the react app.


The test types are:
  • server - runs the server-specific tests, i.e. hitting all the API routes.
- This runs all tests that match server/**/__tests__/*.js
  • jsdom - runs all the react tests in a jsdom environment.
- This runs all tests that match src/**/__tests__/*.js
Not currently used:
  • isomorphic (not needed because we do not server-side render) - runs all the react tests in a node.js environment.
This should guarantee that server-side rendering works. - This runs all tests that match src/**/__tests__/isomorphic/*.js



  • prefix - how assets are served, defaulting to /<package.name>/.
For example, face-web assets are served from /face-web/.
  • port - default part the server runs on. Keep this unique across
all our apps so you can run multiple apps locally at once.