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File Icons
npm install @drawbotics/file-icons
A simple library to display icons depending on the file type. The library can be used both by importing the stylesheet (useful if you have a simple project without React dependencies), and also exports a React component.
DISCLAIMER In order to have a single div usage, and given the complexity of the icon look, a lot of CSS features that may not be compatible with older browsers is used. Namely linear-gradient, border-image and clip-path. Nonetheless, all the styles are prefixed.


There are two ways to use the icons: with a simple div or with a React component. Either way, you should include the stylesheet to have the icons style:
@import '~@drawbotics/file-icons/dist/style.css';

Pure CSS

You can use file-icons just by importing the css styling and using a div as a base element. Add the class file-icon to your div and set the file type as a data attribute data-file:
<div className="file-icon" data-file="docx" />
Note: The file extension needs to be in lower case.
You can also pass different class names for different sizes:
<div className="file-icon file-icon--medium" data-file="3ds" />
<div className="file-icon file-icon--large" data-file="rar" />

Example icons with default, medium and large sizing.


You can import the component anywhere in your code through:
import { FileIcon } from '@drawbotics/file-icons';
If you use CSSinJS then don't forget to include the stylesheet if you haven't already
import '@drawbotics/file-icons/dist/style.css';

And use it like such:
<FileIcon file="pdf" />

Here are the different options you can pass:
Prop | Type | Description | Possible values --- | --- | --- | --- file | String | File extension without the dot | .doc size | String | To toggle between the 3 sizes | medium, large filename | String | If you don't want to extract the extension yourself you can pass the filename directly | my-document.pdf
When using the React component you don't need to worry if the extension/filename is lowercase, the component takes care of that.

Supported file types

Any file extension that does not match the ones included with the library will fallback to the default grey color. Each category has its own color. The supported extension is a subset of the provided value, meaning that docx is supported since we look for doc.
Category | Possible values --- | --- Archives | zip, rar, tar, dmg, jar 3D Files | 3ds, dwg, obj, dae, skp, fbx Text Documents | doc, rtf, txt, odt, tex, Vector graphics | ai, svg PDF | pdf Data | xml, csv, xls Images | jpg, gif, png, jpeg, tif, psd, raw Video | webm, mkv, avi, mov, m4v, mpeg, mp4 Audio | mp3, m4a, ogg, acc, flac
If you want to add support for an extension, or support a new category of files don't hesitate to submit a PR. More extensions and categories will be added through time.


npm install
To run examples
npm run build:watch     # for build step
npm run example         # to serve examples

To build for production
npm run build


MIT. See LICENSE for details.