This package includes Angular specific wrapper for Duet Design System Web Components.

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Angular wrapper for @duetds/components
This package includes Angular specific wrapper for Duet Components.


For usage instructions, please see Duet Design System documentation.


This package is based on the example Angular output found here: https://github.com/ionic-team/stencil-ds-output-targets/tree/master/packages/example-project/component-library-angular
All files under src/ are auto-generated as part of the components package's build. The stencil output target angular-output-target generates all code under src/directives, whilst angular-extras generates the files src/component-library-module.ts and src/index.ts.
On build, the src/ directory is compiled by Typescript, and bundled by rollup. Two bundles are output, one for ES2015 and one for ES5.


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