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Components System
This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. For more information, see the original README.

Useful Links

Getting Started

To get started, all you'll need to do is install the NPM packages using:
npm install

After the NPM packages are installed, run a local development server using:
npm start


This library leverages Styleguidist for generating React component documentation. To view documentation for your current branch, issue the following command:
# Aliased in package.json
npm run docs

Note: This requires npx.
This will start up a local documentation server after compilation. Navigate to the localhost endpoint to see the documentation.
The documentation server is equipped with hot reloading, however it will not update when either the config or the styles are updated.

Adding Component Documentation

Follow the patterns found in the styleguide config file for adding components and sections to the styleguide.
Note: the documenation server is equipped with hot reload, but it will not respond to config changes.

Contributions and Reviews

Because this repository will be used across our applications, code owners have been assigned to ensure these components are added only as necessary, without duplication, and to ensure consistency.
All pull requests must be complete with Styleguidist documentation, and reviewers should begin with documentation before code review to ensure that components are up to specifications.