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Why and when to use this component

The meta information displays extra context about a piece of content that the user is browsing.\ It should always be displayed in uppercase and different meta items should be separated with pipe characters.\ You shouldn't have more than two meta items on a single entry.

When to use this component

  • the default meta should be used on list blocks to provide extra context to a
particular entry before the user clicks through to its detail page
  • the header meta should be used on the aforementioned detail pages on the page
header area
  • the header meta should also be used on other single pages where you want to
display extra context about what the page is about

Do not use this component

  • on landing pages
  • with lowercase except for dates


Here are the possible modifiers:
  • .ecl-meta--header: Meta header modifier that is currently used in the page
header, it is larger than the meta component alone