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Why and how to use this component

Use buttons to indicate actions a user can take.
To make a clear distinction between multiple actions, you have to use different visual weight for buttons.
The button with the strongest visual weight will attract the most attention.
We've created multiple variants of the button to suit the following situations:

Default button


The default button is used for important links on the page.


White and EC blue is used for the default button. A secondary action isn’t as important as a primary action so it shouldn’t call as much attention.

Primary button


Used for primary actions in case of forms, to initiate a search query, to apply a filter.


The EC Blue is used for primary buttons and is the default colour of the pages. It is a saturated colour, which makes it fitted for adding visual weight.

Secondary button


Used for secondary actions to cancel a form.


Secondary actions should have the weakest visual weight comparing to primary actions.

Call-to-action button


Use these buttons sparingly on the most important actions like "Apply for funding" or "Watch live streaming".


The EC yellow is used for call to actions buttons. Yellow is the most luminous of all the colours of the spectrum. It’s the colour that captures our attention more than any other colour.
The yellow reinforces the attention and allows us to guide our users through the interface.

Submit & abort options


The submit and abort buttons are used to confirm a choice or send information. The abort button ('cancel') is optional.


See Primary button + Secondary button.


  • use short labels
  • capitalize (...)
  • ...

When to use this component

  • use this component in the content area of pages.

When not to use this component

  • do not use this component for cross linking. If you want to navigate to a new
page on a website, use a link instead.
  • do not use this component in the header or the footer component.