ECL Form Labels

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Labels inform the user about the type of information that should be typed or selected in a form element.

Why and how to use this component

These are labels that tell users what the corresponding input fields mean, they can be composed of a main "label" and a "help block" element
  • label
  • help block

When to use

In every form element.

Do not use this component

With left aligned labels. Top aligned labels also translate well on mobile


  • labels written in all caps - they are more difficult to read and scan
  • using placeholder text as labels
  • placing check boxes side by side - check boxes underneath each other allows
easy scanning
  • using optional fields in forms - if you use them, you should clearly
distinguish which fields are mandatory \* from those that are optional. The convention is to use an asterisk (\*) next to the required fields' labels and to display the message "Fields marked with an asterisk (\*) are required." on the top of the page
  • hiding basic helper text