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Navigation menus

When and how to use this component

The horizontal menu is used to display the first 2 levels of pages within a website's architecture.
For levels 3 and below the menu should be complemented by using navigation blocks to drill down to sub-pages.


Amount of Items

Due to limited horizontal space, especially on low resolution screens, the number of items on the first level of the menu should be 3-5 items.


Labels on the first level of the menu should be simple and composed of 1 to 3 words (for the English language version of the menu).
Using 3 words should be an exception when you want to refer to two related topics (e.g. News and events / Contracts and funding).

When to use this component

  • if you need an alternative to the listing navigation blocks
  • only for improved sites
  • only with a basic page header
  • below the basic page header
  • on every page of the website

Do not use this component

  • with a default page header


  • ARIAmenus>