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Angular Material FAB speed dial
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This is a FAB speed dial component for Angular Material.
See the component in action on the demo page.


  1. Install the library:
yarn add @ecodev/fab-speed-dial
  1. In app.module.ts add the following modules to the imports array:
- `MatButtonModule`
- `MatIconModule`
- `EcoFabSpeedDialModule`


The following is an example of a minimal template. Either implement a doAction(), or adapt the bindings to your needs:
    <button mat-fab (click)="doAction('trigger')"><mat-icon>menu</mat-icon></button>

    <button mat-mini-fab (click)="doAction('action1')"><mat-icon>add</mat-icon></button>
    <button mat-mini-fab (click)="doAction('action2')"><mat-icon>edit</mat-icon></button>
    <button mat-mini-fab (click)="doAction('action3')"><mat-icon>search</mat-icon></button>



| Property | Type | Default | Description | | --------------- | ------------------------------- | ------- | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | open | boolean | false | Indicates if this FAB Speed Dial is opened | | direction | up, down, left or right | up | The direction to open the action buttons | | animationMode | fling or scale | fling | The animation to apply when opening the action buttons | | fixed | boolean | false | Indicates if this FAB Speed Dial is fixed (user cannot change the open state on click) |


| Property | Type | Default | Description | | -------- | --------- | ------- | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | spin | boolean | false | Enables the rotation of the trigger action when the speed dial is opening |
Additionally to spin property, add class "spin180" or "spin360" on html content inside of eco-fab-speed-dial-trigger tag to activate rotation on a specific element.
In case of buttons, the icon should rotate not the whole button (box-shadow would rotate too).


The most useful commands for development are:
  • yarn dev to start a development server
  • yarn build-demo to build the demo locally (it will be published automatically by GitHub Actions)
  • git tag -a 1.2.3 && git push to publish the lib to npm (via GitHub Actions release job)

Prior work

This lib was originally based on angular-smd, and its various forks, itself based on AngularJS FAB Speed Dial.