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And EdenHealth called the package Eve, for she was the mother of other front-end projects.

ā€” God, probably
eve contains reusable code that can be shared between @edenhealth's front-end projects as an NPM package. This may include:
  • CSS variables for shared colors in the Eden palette
  • Shared utilities for e.g., logging


To use in another project, simply install the NPM package:
$ yarn add -D @edenhealth/eve
# Or:
$ npm i --save-dev @edenhealth/eve

Then import the dependency -- preferably at a root level view component, if using the styles. This will make any of eve's CSS variables accessible in child components; e.g., to color a button "eden green" you could write:
const EdenButton = styled.a`
  background: var(--eden-green);
  color: white;
render(<EdenButton>Yay Colors!</EdenButton>)