Materialize.css components for Vue JS

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Vue Materials

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Vue 2.0 and Materialize.css Components

Build Setup

``` bash
npm install @edgeblade/vue-materials
import and use the plugin
import Vue from 'vue' import Materials from '@edge
blade/vue-materials' Vue.use(Materials) ```

Testing Changes

To test changes to this package add a /dev folder under the root directory and load the plugin from the /src, then mount a Vue instance to the app like in the example below. ``` bash
import Vue from 'vue' import App from './App.vue' import MVueComponents from '../src' Vue.use(MVueComponents);
Mount Vue App Below
new Vue({ el: '#app', render: h => h(App) }) ``` Then run the following command to boot webpack ``` bash
npm run dev ```
Due to a change in the API and addition of new features I've also forked the documentation and began updating that to reflect changes. The docs are not hosted anywhere, but following the instructions should launch a local version of the docs to see usage and API guidelines. A major change in this version was switching alises of all components and directives to be pre-pended with 'm-' for components and directives with 'v-m-' to have the library stand out from the standard vue library. https://github.com/nick-beers/vue-materials-docs Thank you to John Leider for providing the original sourcecode for the project.