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Code Tool for Editor.js
Code Tool for the Editor.js allows to include code examples in your articles.


Install via NPM

Get the package
npm i --save-dev @editorjs/code

Include module at your application
const CodeTool = require('@editorjs/code');

Download to your project's source dir

  1. Upload folder dist from repository
  2. Add dist/bundle.js file to your page.

Load from CDN

You can load specific version of package from jsDelivr CDN.
Require this script on a page with Editor.js.
<script src="..."></script>


Add a new Tool to the tools property of the Editor.js initial config.
var editor = EditorJS({
  tools: {
    code: CodeTool,

Config Params

| Field | Type | Description | | ----------- | -------- | -------------------------------| | placeholder | string | Code Tool's placeholder string |

Output data

This Tool returns code.
    "type" : "code",
    "data" : {
        "code": "body {\n font-size: 14px;\n line-height: 16px;\n}",