Provides a GraphQL type for the EF Carbon Primitives

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EF Primitive GraphQL Types
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Provides a GraphQL types for the EF Carbon Primitives.


yarn add @ef-carbon/graphql-type-primitive

Read the documentationdocs for API guidance.


The project attempts to make the workflow as frictionless as possible. Any suggestions to improve the work processes are welcomed :metal:

Getting Started

Get up and running using yarnyarn:
yarn install
yarn build


Install Atomatom IDEatom-ide with the TypeScriptatom-ide-typescript and XTermatom-xterm plugins


Run yarn watch:test. Unit tests will re-run after any changes to the source code.


The unit tests use Jestjest.


Releases are performed automatically via semantic-releasesemantic-release. When commits are merged to master the Conventional Commitscoventional-commits are read and version number determined automatically.


There are various scripts available that provide the workflow steps for the project:
| Name | Description | | ------------------ | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | commit | Starts the commitizencommitizen CLI | | distclean | Returns the project to initial state | | clean | Returns the project to postinstall state | | build | Builds the project | | build:ts | Builds the TypeScript files into the JavaScript output | | format | Formats the project | | lint | Lints the project | | lint:fix | Fixes up simple linting rule violations automatically | | lint:ci | Validates the CI configuration file | | lint:ts | Performs linting of TypeScript files | | lint:ts:fix | Fixes up simple rule violations in TypeScript files | | lint:format | Checks the formatting of the TypeScript source code | | lint:format:fix | Automatically fixes up formatting violations | | lint:commit | Makes sure the commits follow the conventional commitscoventional-commits style | | watch:ts | Watches the TypeScript source files for changes | | watch:test | Re-runs unit tests on any file changes | | test | Tests the project | | coverage | Provides test coverage statistics for the project | | ci | Runs a set of commands that are needed to pass the CI workflow | | fix | Performs formatting and linting fixes | | docs | Builds API documentation | | docs:open | Opens up the built API documentation in the default browser |



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