Prepares given Emmet abbreviation for HTML output

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Emmet abbreviation transformer for HTML Build Status
This modules takes parsed Emmet abbreviation tree and transforms it for markup syntax (HTML, XML, Pug, Slim etc.) output. This transformation includes:
  • Implicit tag name resolving. Fills omitted tag names, depending on parent’s name. For example, table>.row>.cell will be resolved to table>tr.row>td.cell equivalent.
  • Item Numbering. Replaces $ symbol in node’s name, attributes and content with repeater value. For example, .item$*3 will produce nodes with item1, item2 and item3 class names. Multiple $ will zero-pad repeater value, e.g. $$$001...012...123. Precede $ character with \ to skip numbering on it and keep as is.
  • Content insertion. A part of Wrap With Abbreviation action: clones implicitly repeated element (like li*) for every item of given content array and inserts item content into cloned node.


import parse from '@emmetio/abbreviation';
import transform from '@emmetio/html-transform';

const abbr = transform(parse('ul>.item$*'), ['foo', 'bar']);
// `abbr` now holds equivalent of `ul>li.item1{foo}+li.item2{bar}` abbreviation