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createCache allows for low level customization of how styles get inserted by emotion. It's intended to be used with the <CacheProvider/> component to override the default cache, which is created with sensible defaults for most applications.
import createCache from '@emotion/cache'

export const myCache = createCache({
  key: 'my-prefix-key',
  stylisPlugins: [
    /* your plugins here */

Primary use cases

  • Using emotion in embedded contexts such as an <iframe/>

  • Setting a nonce on any <style/> tag emotion creates for security purposes

  • Using emotion with a developer defined <style/> tag

  • Using emotion with custom Stylis plugins



A nonce that will be set on each style tag that emotion inserts for Content Security Policies.


A Stylis plugins that will be run by Stylis during preprocessing. Read the Stylis docs to find out more. This can be used for many purposes such as RTL.
Prefixer is just a plugin which happens to be put in default stylisPlugins. If you plan to use custom stylisPlugins and you want to have your styles prefixed automatically you must include prefixer in your custom stylisPlugins. You can import prefixer from the stylis module to do that (import { prefixer } from 'stylis');


string (Pattern: [^a-z-])
The prefix before class names. It will also be set as the value of the data-emotion attribute on the style tags that emotion inserts and it's used in the attribute name that marks style elements in renderStylesToString and renderStylesToNodeStream. This is required if using multiple emotion caches in the same app.


A DOM node that emotion will insert all of its style tags into. This is useful for inserting styles into iframes or windows.


A boolean representing whether to prepend rather than append style tags into the specified container DOM node.