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@enact/spotlight npm (scoped)
An extensible library for 5-way navigation and focus control.

An extensible utility that enables users to navigate applications using a keyboard or television remote control. Responding to input from the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, and RETURN keys, Spotlight provides a navigation experience that compares favorably to that of a computer-with-mouse.


import kind from '@enact/core/kind';
import SpotlightRootDecorator from '@enact/spotlight/SpotlightRootDecorator'
import Spottable from '@enact/spotlight/Spottable'

const MySpottableComponent = Spottable('div');

const MyApp = kind({
	name: 'MyApp',
	render: () => (<MySpottableComponent>Hello, Enact!</MySpottableComponent>)
const MySpotlightApp = SpotlightRootDecorator(MyApp);

export default MySpotlightApp;

See the docs for more information.

Additional Information

When using @enact/moonstone, the SpotlightRootDecorator is applied automatically by MoonstoneDecorator.


Spotlight is based on a fork of JavaScript SpatialNavigation (c) 2016 Luke Chang, under the terms of the Mozilla Public License.

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