A gulp utility for easy, isomorphic Dust.js. Bundles your templates, partials, helpers, and filters. Universal rendering on the Express.js server and the client.

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Sugarcone: A sugar-sweet bundler for Dust.js
Sugarcone is a gulp utility for easy, isomorphic Dust.js templating.
  • Bundles your Dust.js templates, partials, helpers, and filters for universal rendering on both the Express.js server and client side.
- Leverages the Adaro wrapper to support both debug mode and precompiled templates for production. - Need to auto-update a module but don't need a whole framework? Use sugarcone along with a tool like preact to automagically re-render any dust partial.


Todo: Add documentation and improve ease of use. For now, please see this Node/Express/Dust demo for an example of usage.