An HTTP API for committing and subscribing events.

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An HTTP API for committing and subscribing events.
  1. built on top redis - the leading in-memory NoSQL database
  2. guaranted atomicity with embedded lua script running inside redis
  3. messages are semi-persistent (will eventually expire or cut-off after going over the limits).
  4. lightweight/simple protocol: using http text/event-stream to send realtime data from server to server
I'd recommend you to use https://npm.im/@events/cli to manage events server instances. However, if you want to programmatically interact with the server, please follow the below example:
import factory from '@events/server';

const server = factory({
  namespc: 'my-awesome-project',
  redis: { url: 'redis://localhost:6379' },
  history: { size: 10 },
  burst: {
    time: 500,
    count: 20,
  debug: false,


console.log('server started');