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About Ajaxcom
Ajaxcom is JavaScript library which can be used for DOM manipulation called via Ajax from any backend you want. If you are using PHP you can easily use it with Ajaxcom PHP Library. If you use Symfony framework, you can start using Ajaxcom Symfony bundle.
Ajaxcom uses fetch and Promise functions. When you have problems with older browsers, please use fetch and Promise polyfills.
ajaxcom library will handle all links except links containing data-ignore-ajaxcom and links which contains target="_blank" by default. It automatically handles also all form submissions except forms containing data-ignore-ajaxcom. When server error occurs the generic message is shown via JavaScript alert.
You can override all of the default options when initializing ajaxcom library and you can setup few callbacks as well.


You can specify following options when initializing the library - you will pass an object as only argument to ajaxcom() function:
  • beforeSend (function which returns promise) - this function will be called before each Ajax request
  • success - (function which returns promise) - this function will be called after the request from backend has been successful
  • error - (simple function) - this function will be called when error occurs on server eg. when server returns non 200 OK response
  • complete - (simple function) - this function is called after ajaxcom handles the request eg. after all DOM manipulations
  • linksSelector - (string CSS selector) - you can specify which links should be handled via ajaxcom
  • formsSelector - (string CSS selector) - you can specify which forms should be handled via ajaxcom

// initialization
const ajaxcom = require('@everlutionsk/ajaxcom');
  complete: function () {
    console.log('Yet another page rendered via ajaxcom');
  error: function (e) {

// usage of Ajaxcom request
  url: 'https://some.url',
  method: 'POST', // defaults to 'GET'
  body: JSON.stringify({ data: 'you', want: 'to', pass: 'to backend' }) // optional
  // optionally you can provide callbacks such as beforeSend, success, error and complete
Install the latest yarn.
Install all dependencies via yarn:
yarn install


yarn build
yarn watch


yarn checkup


npm login
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npm publish . --access public