Components, decorators, and helpers for Ractive apps that are generally Material-ish

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This collection of components and plugins is handy for making desktop- and mobile-friendly frontend applications with Ractive. They try to stay somewhat close to Material by default where it makes sense.
Note: This is still very much a work in progress. The components here are fairly complete and in use in a number of projects, but the documentation, build, and testing setups are certainly incomplete to missing entirely.


# Clone the repositoy
git clone https://github.com/evs-chris/raui.git raui
cd raui
# or wherever you cloned
npm install

# now you have options:

# 1. run the dev server, which is light and watches for changes
npm run dev

# 2. run a build, which just builds the world and exits
npm run build

# 3. run the watch server, which builds the world and watches for changes
npm run watch

# for kicks, to switch ports
PORT=2929 npm run dev

Hopefully you're in a POSIX-ish environment, so a Linux shell, and OS X shell, or a git bash or WSL shell on Windows. Windows CMD or PowerShell users, well, I'm sorry. The default dev port is 3000, but you can change it with the PORT environment variable.


The currently-in-progress demo/docs are available at https://evs-chris.github.io/raui/demo or in the demo and demo-src directories of this repo.