## Quick Start

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The smallest possible Gatsby theme

Quick Start

mkdir my-site
cd my-site
yarn init
# install gatsby-theme-minimal and it's dependencies
yarn add gatsby react react-dom gatsby-theme-minimal

Then add the theme to your gatsby-config.js. We'll use the long form here for education purposes.
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: "gatsby-theme-minimal",
      options: {},

That's it, you can now run your gatsby site using
yarn gatsby develop

Note that this site doesn't do anything, so you're see a missing resources error. Create a simple page in src/pages/index.js to see a page on the root url.
import React from "react"

export default () => <div>My Site!</div>

Doing more with themes

You can use this as a place to start when developing themes. I generally suggest using yarn workspaces like the gatsby-theme-examples repo does, but using yarn link or npm link is a viable alternative if you're not familiar with workspaces.