Minimal wrapper around js-yaml for directly reading in YAML files

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Minimal wrapper around js-yaml for directly reading in YAML files
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Key Features

  • Useable in NodeJS through package manager of choice
  • Typesafe
  • Bundled with Rollup for maximum size reduction (only 1kB minified + gzipped!) and ES module support
  • Generated TypeScript declarations
  • js-yaml is re-exported


Install with yarn or npm:
yarn add @favware/yamlreader

# npm install @favware/yamlreader


const { readYaml } = require('@favware/yamlreader');
// import readYaml from '@favware/yamlreader'

const data = readYaml('/path/to/some/yaml/file');
console.log(data); // => JavaScript object with the keys from the yaml

API Documentation

For the full API documentation please refer to the TypeDoc generated documentation.

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