minimalist wget clone written in node. HTTP GETs a file and saves it to the current working directory

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Minimalist command line downloader written in node, inspired by wget. HTTP GETs a file and streams it into a file in the current working directory. Specializes at downloading many files in parallel.
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npm install nugget -g


Usage: nugget <urls> [options]
  -o, --output     output filename
  -d, --dir        output parent directory
  -c, --continue   resume aborted download
  -f, --force      ignore response codes > 299
  -s, --sockets    concurrent socket limit (default infinity)
  -q, --quiet      disable logging
  --proxy          specify a proxy to use
  --no-strict-ssl  disable strict SSL cehcking


nugget http://foo.com/bar.jpg
# downloads bar.jpg and stores it in the current directory

nugget http://foo.com/bar.jpg -O baz.jpg
# saves it as baz.jpg. you can also do lowercase -o

if you get a statusCode of 300 or greater nugget will stop. you can force it to stream the response into a file anyway by doing nugget http://404link.com/file.html -f or --force works too
you can also download multiple files, just pass multiple urls:
download multiple


The following options are recognized by nugget:
-o|-O|--out - specify the filename to write to. this only works if you are downloading a single file -d|--dir - save files in a directory other than the current one. -c|--continue - resume downloads if a partially complete target file already exists. If the target file exists and is the same size as the remote file, nothing will be done. -f|--force - force the server response to be saved to the target file, even if it's a non-successful status code. -s|--sockets - default Infinity. specify the number of http sockets to use at once (this controls concurrency) -q|--quiet - disable logging --proxy - specify a proxy to use --no-strict-ssl - disable strict ssl