Typings for the Figma Plugin API

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Figma Plugin API typings
This repository contains the typings for the Figma Plugin API.


  1. Installation
npm i --save-dev @figma/plugin-typings
# or
yarn add -D @figma/plugin-typings
  1. Configure tsconfig.json
    "compilerOptions": {
        "typeRoots": [
The configuration above is needed for the TypeScript compiler to use type definitions found in both `./node_modules/@types` and `./node_modules/@figma`. Normally, most external type definitions are from DefinitelyTyped and are installed in `/@types`, which included by TypeScript by default. Since we host the plugin typings separately, they are installed outside in `/@figma` instead.

Types should become globally available without needing to use import statements. We do it this way because the plugin API is part of the host environment, as opposed to being a package that a plugin includes.


Plugin API releases have the format "Version X, Update Y". Equivalent tags are created in this repository as v<x>.<y>. Note that not all API releases include API changes, some are just bug fixes. Therefore, some typings versions are skipped.