Origami Typography wrapped for React

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React implementation of (o-typography)https://github.com/Financial-Times/o-typography


All components:
  • accept a brand property of either internal or master.
  • are built using React's ForwardRef

This package includes components for all styles defined in o-typography by semantics and function:
  • Body
  • Caption
  • Footer
  • Heading
  • Link
  • List

Use those components if the text you need to render fits into their criteria.
If you are looking to style text outside an article or main text area, it's more likely that the following components are more appropriate:
  • Display
  • Text

These components allow to configure:
  • scale as per o-typography (from -2 to 10)
  • weight: semibold, bold
  • italic
  • fontFamily: serif, sans