A place to store concept ids as constants

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Used for storing concept ids as constants in a single place.


The problem

Concept ids are not immutable, they can change in UPP without warning We need to hardcode concept IDs in some apps in order to drive content

The solution (for now)

  • Only hardcode concept IDs in this repo, and reference this repo when you need to use them
  • When IDs change, update them in here and issue a release.

What it means when scheduled tests fail.

This repo has scheduled tests that check whether the hardcoded concept IDs have changed. If they have changed it will show a failed test called; has not been given a new ID.

What to do

  • clone this repo
  • update the outdated id in this repo
  • raise a PR
  • once merged, issue a release
  • wait for renovate to create PRs in consumers of this module
  • merge those PRs

Secret Squirrel

Secret Squirrel needs concept IDs to be whitelisted in order to allow committing them. To automatically check concept IDs are valid and whitelist them after a successful check, use the following script:
make update-squirrel