Client side component for interaction with myft

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n-myft-ui CircleCI
Client side component for interaction with myFT.
There are two entry points (both for js and scss):
  • myft
  • myft-common

However, we are trying to transition to an approach where apps explicitly import just the individual components (from the components/ directory) themselves.
These subdirectories may contain a README. If not, please speak to the myft team about how to use them.

Making changes

n-myft-ui provides the CSS, JS and most templates for the myFT components on FT.com. We use semver to control rollout of the code.
As of August 2017, The following apps use n-myft-ui:
  • next-front-page
  • next-stream-page
  • next-article
  • next-myft-page
  • next-tour-page
  • next-video-page
  • next-search-page

When you merge to main, you should make a new release and then roll it out to the apps, plus n-topic-card which contains a reference to this so that there aren't missing dependencies.
If you are making a major change, you will need to update the package.json files for the above apps. For minor and patch updates, you can rebuild without cache from CircleCI.

Running locally

make install
make build
make demo

View the demo on localhost:5005

Unstable versions

v24, v25, v26 has JSX migration code. They are not stable therefore v27 is released. It is to remove JSX and rollback to handlebars. Please use ^v27.