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This is a set of Components and High Order Functions based on Findify Agents which simplifies data manipulations in React.js applications.


The full documentation can be found here: For release notes, see the CHANGELOG.


In the Browser

To use the SDK in the browser, simply add the following script tag to your HTML pages: ```html ```

In Node.js

Install the SDK using npm: ```console $ npm install --save @findify/sdk ``` or yarn ```console $ yard add @findify/sdk ```

Minimal Setup

@findify/react-connect' interface looks similar to react-redux. There are two parts - Providers which automatically creates Agent instance and push it through context to connectors, and the Connectors - Hight Order Functions and who listen to changes, mutating entities and adding helpers to the wrapped component. ```javascript import React from "react"; import { render } from "react-dom"; import { SearchProvider, connectItems } from "@findify/react-connect"; const Items = connectItems(({ items }) =>
items.map(({ item }) =>
) )
const App = ( ); render(App, document.getElementById('root')); ```