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Flourish controls
Add interchangeable controls (dropdown, buttons or slider) and controls container to a page.

How to install

npm install -s @flourish/controls
Add one or more control objects to your template state as well an object for the controls container
export var state = {
	controls_container: {},
	buttons_control: {
		control_type: "buttons"
	dropdown_control: {
		control_type: "dropdown"

Add settings for the controls container in template.yml.
- property: controls_container
  import: "@flourish/controls/container"

This will add a controls container alignment and spacing options in the settings.
Then import @flourish/controls for each controls instance.
- property: buttons_control
    import: "@flourish/controls"
- property: dropdown_control
    import: "@flourish/controls"


Initialise the controls container and individual controls outside any function:
import { createControlsContainer, createControls } from "@flourish/controls";

var buttons_control = initControls(state.buttons_control);
var dropdown_control = initControls(state.dropdown_control)

var controls_container = createControlsContainer(state.controls_container)
	.add([buttons_control, dropdown_control]);

Add an on change handler to each controls instance: buttons_control.on("change", update);. This is usually done in the draw function.
In update you typically want to update the set of options and then call the controls own update method: buttons_control.options(options).update();. If you're using this module alongside @flourish/ui-styles you should call the update method from the ui-styles object first (this will ensure the dropdown icon correctly matches the size and color styles set in the ui-styles panel).

Controls container methods


Appends the controls container to the parent_container DOM node (this should usually be layout.getSection("controls")). Returns the controls container object.


Takes an array of controls instances and appends these to the controls container. Returns the controls container object.


This updates the controls container and all the appended controls instances (calling their individual update() methods). Returns the controls container object.

Controls methods


Appends the control to the parent_container DOM node and injects CSS into the head if necessary.
Returns the control object.


Specify an output formatter to format the contents of the control. This takes a function from the @flourish/formatters module.


Returns the container of the control that has been created. It will have a class of "fl-controls-container"


Returns the index of the currently chosen value in a sorted version of the options array.


With no argument returns the (unsorted) index of the currently selected option. If i is specified and corresponds to an index into the options array, sets the currently selected option to i. Returns the control object.


Returns the current number of options.

on(event, callback)

Add callback to the list of event handlers. Currently the only supported event is "change". Returns the control object.


With no argument returns a copy of the current list of options displayed by the current control. With an array, replaces the current options with a copy of arr and returns the control object.


Specify a function to parse the contents of the control. This takes a function from the @flourish/localization or @flourish/interpreter module.


Removes the control (and its resize event handler) from the DOM. Returns the control object.


Calls all the handlers assigned to event and returns the control object. Currently the only supported event type is "change".


Rebuilds the control with latest settings. Returns the control object.


With no argument returns the string value of the currently selected option. With val present changes the current index to match that of val in the options array and returns the control object. If val is not in the options array then nothing is changed but the control object is still returned.


Set the visibility of the control

Styling the controls

The controls have very basic styling. You can overwrite these styles with your own css and styling. We recommend using @flourish/ui-styles to style the controls.