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Flourish number formatter
Flourish module for setting the numeric separators used in a template. Used in conjunction with Flourish number localization.


To install the module, type:
npm install @flourish/number-formatter

To add the module's settings block, include something like the following in a templates' template.yml file:
- property: x_format
  import: "@flourish/number-formatter"

Since you may well want different formatting for different variables or axes, it is quite likely you may want to include multiple settings blocks:
- property: y_format
  import: "@flourish/number-formatter"


Include a (usually empty) object in the state declaration for every instance of the formatter you intend to use in the template:
var state = {
	/* Other declarations of default values */
	x_format: {},
	y_format: {},
	// etc...

Make sure each instance of the module is initialised somewhere in the code before draw is called (usually alongside Flourish number localization):
import initLocalization from "@flourish/number-localization";
import initFormatter from "@flourish/number-formatter";
/* Other imports and code */
var localization = initLocalization(state.localization);
var getXAxisFormatter = initFormatter(state.x_format);
var getYAxisFormatter = initFormatter(state.y_format);
/* Other initialisation code, eg Flourish-number-formatter instances */
export { localization, getXAxisFormatter, getYAxisformatter/*, etc */ };

These functions can now be used to generate functions that format numbers into (nice) text output:
import { localization, getXAxisFormatter, getYAxisFormatter } from "init.js";
var localeFunction = localization.getFormatterFunction();
var xFormat = getXAxisFormatter(localeFunction);
var yFormat = getYAxisFormatter(localeFunction);
xFormat(7230.386798) // Could produce something like $7,230.4 depending on user settings