Flow.js html5 file upload extension on angular.js framework

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ng-flow is a Flow.js extensions for angular.js framework, no 3rd party JS dependencies required!
Demo: http://flowjs.github.io/ng-flow/
How can I install it?
1) Get the library:
Direct Download Download a latest build from https://github.com/flowjs/ng-flow/releases it contains development and minified production files in dist/ directory, they are also concatenated with core flow.js library.
Using Bower

bower install ng-flow#~2
Git Clone

git clone https://github.com/flowjs/ng-flow
Using Yeoman
bower install "ng-flow#~2" --save
grunt bower-install
2) Add the module to your app as a dependency:
angular.module('app', ['flow'])
3) Include the files in your project
<!-- concatenated flow.js + ng-flow libraries -->
<script src="ng-flow/dist/ng-flow-standalone.min.js"></script>
<!-- or include the files separately -->
<script src="flow.js/dist/flow.min.js"></script>
<script src="ng-flow/dist/ng-flow.min.js"></script>
How can I use it?
First of all wrap places there you are going to use Flow.js ````html
... other flow directives goes here ...
This directive is going to add $flow variable to current scope. Also directive can be nested, because $flow variable is going to be overridden. $flow is instance of Flow.
Secondly you need to assign some upload buttons: ````html Input OR Other element as upload button Upload File ````
First button is for normal uploads and second is for directory uploads. Note: avoid using <a> and <button> tags as file upload buttons, use <span> instead.
Now you need to display uploaded files, all you need to do is to loop files array. Files array is attached to flow object named $flow. ````html
file is instance of FlowFile.

Quick setup

flow-files-submitted="$flow.upload()" flow-file-success="$file.msg = $message"> Input OR Other element as upload button Upload File
<tr ng-repeat="file in $flow.files">
Need more examples?
Clone this repository and go to "ng-flow/samples/basic/index.html". Single image upload "ng-flow/samples/image/index.html".
How can I drop files?
Use flow-drop directive: ````html
Drag And Drop your file here
``` Note: in most cases flow-drop must be used together with flow-prevent-drop directive on body` element, because it prevents file from being loaded in the browser.

Prevent dropping files on a document

Use flow-prevent-drop directive on body element: ````html

How to add some styles while dropping a file?

Use flow-drag-enter directive: ````html
``` Note: flow-drag-leave attribute can't be used alone, it is a part of flow-drag-enter` directive.

How to dynamically disable drop area?

Drag And Drop your file here
``` See example at samples/dataurl/`.
How can I preview uploaded image?
Use flow-img directive: ````html 0" /> ````
Image will be automatically updated once file is added. No need to start upload.
How can I set options for flow.js?
Use config: ````javascript var app = angular.module('app', 'flow') .config('flowFactoryProvider', function (flowFactoryProvider) {
flowFactoryProvider.defaults = {
    target: '/upload',
    permanentErrors:[404, 500, 501]
// You can also set default events:
flowFactoryProvider.on('catchAll', function (event) {
// Can be used with different implementations of Flow.js
// flowFactoryProvider.factory = fustyFlowFactory;
); ````
also can be configured on "flow-init" directive: ````html

How can I catch events?
Events are listed inside flow-init directive: ````html
flow-file-success="someHandlerMethod( $file, $message, $flow )" flow-file-progress="someHandlerMethod( $file, $flow )" flow-file-added="someHandlerMethod( $file, $event, $flow )" flow-files-added="someHandlerMethod( $files, $event, $flow )" flow-files-submitted="someHandlerMethod( $files, $event, $flow )" flow-file-retry="someHandlerMethod( $file, $flow )" flow-file-error="someHandlerMethod( $file, $message, $flow )" flow-error="someHandlerMethod( $file, $message, $flow )" flow-complete=" ... " flow-upload-started=" ... " flow-progress=" ... " > <div flow-file-progress=" ... events can be also assigned inside flow-init ... "></div>

How can I catch an event in a controller?

If controller is on the same scope as flow-init directive or in a child scope, then we can catch events with $on. Events are prefixed with flow::. ````javascript $scope.$on('flow::fileAdded', function (event, $flow, flowFile) { event.preventDefault();//prevent file from uploading }); ``` second argument is always a flow` instance and then follows event specific arguments.
How can I assign flow to a parent scope?
Use flow-name attribute and set it to any variable in the scope. ````html
... Flow is set to obj.flow  ...
I have uploaded files: #{{obj.flow.files.length}}
``` ```javascript $scope.obj = {}; // variable "obj" must be initialized on the scope ````
How can I initialize flow with an existing flow object ?
Use flow-object attribute and set it with the existing flow object on scope. ````html
... Flow is initialized with existingFlowObject, no new Flow object  is created ...
There are already {{ existingFLowObject.files.length }} files uploaded,
which is equal to {{ $flow.files.length }}.
How can I support older browsers?
Go to https://github.com/flowjs/fusty-flow.js and add to your config: ````javascript var app = angular.module('app', 'flow') .config('flowFactoryProvider', function (flowFactoryProvider) {
flowFactoryProvider.factory = fustyFlowFactory;
); ````
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