Fluent bindings for React

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@fluent/react provides the React bindings for Project Fluent.


@fluent/react can be used both on the client-side and the server-side. You can install it from the npm registry or use it as a standalone script (as the FluentReact global).
npm install @fluent/react
Integrating with React apps
@fluent/react takes advantage of React's Components system and the virtual DOM. Translations are exposed to components via the provider pattern.
There are many approaches to fetching and storing translations. To allow maximum flexibility, @fluent/react expects the developer to write a little bit of a setup code related to language negotiation and translation fetching. It makes @fluent/react unopinionated and suitable for many different scenarios. You will likely also need to install a few other packages: @fluent/bundle, @fluent/langneg and intl-pluralrules.
Consult the wiki for documentation on how to set up and use @fluent/react.
The API reference is available at https://projectfluent.org/fluent.js/react.