Utility for merging props with styles and caching style combinations

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Utilities for merging styles and props (which contain styles)

Merging Props

The mergeProps routine handles merging props together. Generally this is a standard per property merge identical to the behavior of Object.assign with the following two exceptions:
  • Objects under props.style will be merged using mergeStyle above, including caching the resolved styles
  • Strings contained in props.className will be joined together using spaces as a delimiter.

Merging Styles

Styles are defined using the standard react-native pattern and will be merged in a way that maintains object identity where possible.


This is a copy of the StyleProp definition from react-native. This is copied primarily in the case where it is used in web code where adding a dependency on the react-native package itself is not desireable.
The StyleProp pattern itself is allows a style to be provided as a style or a recursive array of styles. So the following pattern is allowed:
props = {
  style: [{ ...style1 }, [{ ...style2 }, { ...style3 }, [{ ...style4 }]], { ...style5 }],

In this model merging styles can be effectively deferred by the following:
const styleToMerge = { ...values };
props.style = [props.style, styleToMerge];


This routine merges one or more react-native styles together. The inputs are styles in the StyleProp format referenced above. The various input styles will be flattened and merged together to produce a single non-flattened output style.
function mergeStyles<T>(...styles: StyleProp<T>[]): T;

This routine has a built-in caching layer that will attempt to ensure that object identity remains consistent. This means that style A + style B, where the references to A and B are the same, will always produce object C, where the reference will also be the same.