Tools for building and test running a FontoXML connectors instance.

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This module can be used with the development tools for FontoXML, it contains command for building and running a connectors instance.


This module requires the following to be installed:
  • FontoXML license
  • FontoXML development tools
  • Docker


This module is part of the FontoXML development tools and is not meant to be used separately. To install the FontoXML development tools, run the following command:
npm i -g @fontoxml/fontoxml-development-tools

Usage examples

fdt connectors init --version <version> [--location <path>]
Initialize a new connectors instance.
fdt connectors upgrade --version <version> [--location <path>]
Upgrade the connectors instance to the specified version.
We recommend you to complete the connectors instance using the Getting started guide.
fdt connectors run [--location <path>] [--connectors-config-location <path>] [--verbose] [--debug]
Run to test the configuration.
fdt connectors build [--location <path>] [--image-name <image-name>] [--image-tag <image-tag>] [--verbose] [--debug]
Build a production image.