Tools for creating, upgrading, building, and running a FontoXML Editor.

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fontoxml-development-tools-module-editor NPM version
The Development tools for FontoXML can support a developer when configuring a FontoXML editor. This module contains commands for creating and upgrading a FontoXML editor, and compiling schemas.


This module is part of the FontoXML development tools and is not meant to be used separately. To install the FontoXML development tools, run the following command:
npm i -g @fontoxml/fontoxml-development-tools

Usage examples

fdt editor init [<output>] [--name <name>] [--favicon <path>] [--schema <path>] [--addons <addonName> [<addonName> ...]] [--non-interactive] [--version <latest|acceptance|nightly>]
Create a new instance of a FontoXML Editor.
fdt editor upgrade [--addons <addonName> [<addonName> ...]] [--add-addons <addonName> [<addonName> ...]] [--remove-addons <addonName> [<addonName> ...]] [--non-interactive] [--remove-backup] [--version <latest|acceptance|nightly>]
Upgrade an instance of a FontoXML Editor, and/or add or remove addons.
fdt editor run [--cache-control-disabled] [--cache-control-max-age <maxAge>] [--delay <delay>] [--disable-dist-authentication] [--dist] [--lock-not-acquired] [--lock-not-available] [--open] [--port] [--release-locks-on-state-request] [--save-history] [--savemode <savemode>] [--verbose]
Start a development server for running a FontoXML Editor.
fdt editor build [--no-mangle]
Create a build version of a FontoXML Editor for production usage.
fdt editor schema compile [<input>] [--overwrite] [--version <latest|acceptance|nightly>]
Compile a schema in XSD format to the schema format for the FontoXML editor.