A redis client for *.foundries.io web apps

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A redis client wrapper, used on \*.foundries.io web applications.
It is based on the redis nodejs client.

How to use it

import redisClient from '@foundriesio/redis-client';

return redisClient();


Via a JSON file with the following structure:
  "redis": {
    "host": "The redis host, defaults to localhost",
    "port": "The redis port, defaults to 6379",
    "password": "The redis access password"

The JSON file can be defined using the FIO_CONFIG_FILE environment variable:
export FIO_CONFIG_FILE="/path/to/config.json"

Or using the following environment variable:
  • FIO_REDIS_HOST: the redis host, defaults to localhost (string).
  • FIO_REDIS_PORT: the redis port, defaults to 6379 (number).
  • FIO_REDIS_PASSWORD: the redis password, not set by default (string).