Set up a React App wrapped in a Web Component

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This project has been deprecated, and will no longer be maintained!

The project is now carried on at Direflow

Set up a React App wrapped in a Web Component

This setup is is based on react-scripts from create-react-app
A thorough description of the principles used in this setup, can be read in this article

Getting Started


Get started by running the command
npx create-react-web-component
Or install the package globally
  • yarn
```console yarn global add create-react-web-component ```
  • npm
```console npm i -g create-react-web-component ```
This will bootstrap a new project for you.
Now use the following commands:
cd <project-folder>
yarn install
yarn start
Your project will start running on localhost:3000 and your browser opens a new window



In the case of a bug report, bugfix or a suggestions, please feel very free to open an issue.

Pull request

Pull requests are always welcome, and I'll do my best to do reviews as fast as I can.


This project is licensed under the MIT License

Get Help

Read more about using Web Components with React on the official React Docs