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Station Theme
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npm install @getstation/theme





How to add an icon

  • Add the SVG icon in resources/icons with param-case filename. Example: indian-pale-ale.svg.
  • Run yarn run generate:icons
  • Commit SVG resource and generated files in lib/components/Icon/svg
  • Use the new icon via: <Icon symbolId={SvgSymbol.INDIAN_PALE_ALE} />


Requirement for developpement usage

To work with storybook inside Bx you will need to link the module
  • git clone http://github.com/getstation/theme
  • cd theme
  • yarn
  • yarn link
  • cd /path/to/my/Bx
  • yarn link @getstation/theme


You can see modifications to you components inside storybook, just start it yarn run storybook & go to localhost

Expose modifications to BX

Rebuild @getstation/theme via yarn run build inside the repo everytime you did change in theme

Pull request

Create a RC version for your PR to be tested:
  • npm version --preid=rc --prerelease for a new or increment RC, will result in 0.0.0-rc-0
  • npm version --premajor for a new major RC version, will result in 1.0.0-rc.0
  • npm version --preminor for a new minor RC version, will result in 0.1.0-rc.0
  • npm version --prepatch for a new patched version, will result in 0.0.1-rc.0
  • git push --follow-tags to push rc version version


  • Build docs: yarn build-docs
  • verify CHANGELOG.md entries
  • Increment version via: from 0.0.0
- npm version --major => 1.0.0 - npm version --minor => 0.1.0 - npm version --patch => 0.0.1 - NB: if the version was a RC those command will automatically chaned it a release one with same version !👌
  • Publish: npm publish