Translations for the Gitter webapp

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Translations of Gitter to other languages. Please submit pull-requests if you would like to add or change anything!

How this works

At the moment we are busy externalising all of our strings, so the only two areas that currently work are:
  1. Timestamps in chat
  2. Homepage

Homepage instructions

The homepage strings are kept in the homepage directory

Additional areas of the application

We will continue to expand on the entire application over time. Please watch this repository for updates


It possible to visit the site with the lang query parameter, ex. https://gitter.im/?redirect=no&lang=ko.
Or you can change the browser main language in Chrome in Language Settings by putting tested language at the top of the list.

Generating keys and placeholders

Generation and formatting happens automatically when linking this package to webapp
  • npm link in this package
  • npm link '@gitterhq/translations' in webapp

and then starting the webapp and going to:
Generated translation links
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=ar
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=bg
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=cs
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=de
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=en
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=es
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=fr
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=id
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=it
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=ja
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=ka
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=ko
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=pl
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=pt
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=ru
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=sk
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=sv
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=tr
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=uk
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=zh-TW
  • http://localhost:5000/?lang=zh

This adds all the missing keys to the homepage translation files.