Read UCSC Trix indexes in pure JavaScript

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Read UCSC Trix indexes in pure JavaScript


import Trix from '@gmod/trix'
import { RemoteFile } from 'generic-filehandle'

// any filehandle object that supports the Nodejs FileHandle API will work.
// We use generic-filehandle here to demonstrate searching files on remote servers.
const ixxFile = new RemoteFile(
const ixFile = new RemoteFile(

const trix = new Trix(ixxFile, ixFile)

async function doStuff() {
  const results = await trix.search('oca')


Trix constructor

The Trix class constructor accepts arguments:
  • ixxFile - a filehandle object for the trix .ixx file
  • ixFile - a filehandle object for the trix .ix file
  • maxResults = 20 - an optional number specifying the maximum number of results to return on trix.search()

Trix search

Search the index files for a term and find its keys.
In the case of searching with multiple words, trix.search() finds the intersection of the result sets.
The Trix search function accepts argument:
  • searchString - a string of space-separated words for what to search the index file and find keys for

The Trix search function returns:

  • Promise<[term,result][] as [string,string][]> - an array of term, result pairs where each term is the left column in the trix and the right column is the trix match


import { LocalFile } from 'generic-filehandle'
import Trix from '@gmod/trix'

const ixxFile = new LocalFile('out.ixx')
const ixFile = new LocalFile('out.ix')

// limit maxResults to 5
const trix = new Trix(ixxFile, ixFile, 5)

async function doStuff() {
  const results1 = await trix.search('herc')

  // increase maxResults to 30
  trix.maxResults = 30

  const results2 = await trix.search('linc')



Test trix-js

First, clone this repo and install npm packages.
Then, run npm test.

Test the USCS TrixSearch - Requires Linux

First, clone this repo. To run test searches on a track hub using the USCS TrixSearch, navigate to tests/testdata/test# and run bash test#script.sh where # is the test number. To change search terms, edit searchterms.txt.
Wondering what to search for?
Open up tests/testdata/test#/input.txt.
How to test my own .gff.gz data?
Navigate to /test/rawGenomes and create a directory with your .gff.gz file in it. From within that directory, run bash ../../programs/gff3ToInput.sh <.gff3.gz FILE> <OUTPUT NAME>.


See https://genome.ucsc.edu/goldenPath/help/trix.html for basic concepts of trix and https://github.com/GMOD/ixixx-js for a javascript implementation of the ixIxx command