Control Jabra Devices from within a browser app using JavaScript

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This software project from Jabra helps developers to make solutions, where basic headset call control can be used from within a browser app using JavaScript. Since it is not possible to access USB devices directly from JavaScript, this library provides a solution of getting a route from the JavaScript to the Jabra USB device. The API is a JavaScript library with a facade that hides implementation details. Basic call control is defined by off-hook/on-hook, ringer, mute/unmute and hold/resume. With these features, it is possible to implement a browser based softphone app. Combined with the WebRTC technology it is possible to create a softphone that only requires small software components installed locally on the computer, while the business logic is implemented in JavaScript.
For comprehensive documentation (including important additional software requirements, API usage, changelog, license) and API examples etc. please refer to our github site