Ethereum multisig contract

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Gnosis Safe Contracts
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Install requirements with yarn:


Run all tests:

yarn build
yarn test


A collection of the different Safe contract deployments and their addresses can be found in the Safe deployments repository.
To add support for a new network follow the steps of the `Deploy` section and create a PR in the Safe deployments repository.


:warning: Make sure to use the correct commit when deploying the contracts. Any change (even comments) within the contract files will result in different addresses. The tagged versions that are used by the Gnosis Safe team can be found in the releases.

This will deploy the contracts deterministically and verify the contracts on etherscan using Solidity 0.7.6 by default.
  • Set MNEMONIC in .env
  • Set INFURA_KEY in .env

yarn deploy-all <network>

This will perform the following steps
yarn build
yarn hardhat --network <network> deploy
yarn hardhat --network <network> etherscan-verify
yarn hardhat --network <network> local-verify

Custom Networks

It is possible to use the NODE_URL env var to connect to any EVM based network via an RPC endpoint. This connection then can be used with the custom network.
E.g. to deploy the Safe contract suite on that network you would run yarn deploy-all custom.
The resulting addresses should be on all networks the same.
Note: Address will vary if contract code is changed or a different Solidity version is used.

Verify contract

This command will use the deployment artifacts to compile the contracts and compare them to the onchain code
yarn hardhat --network <network> local-verify

This command will upload the contract source to Etherescan
yarn hardhat --network <network> etherscan-verify


Audits/ Formal Verification

Security and Liability

All contracts are WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


All smart contracts are released under LGPL-3.0